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Alexey Mironov May 27, 2020 at 7:04 am
I had frequent back pain from osteochondrosis in the thoracic region, now it practically does not bother me, and if the pain appears it is very rare and goes away quickly, and not as it used to ache for several hours. Also the cervical spine pain is gone. Every spring, my nose flowed like a stream, but when I started using the balm, this problem disappeared. Then, I have a duodenal ulcer and everyone who suffers from this ailment knows that spring and autumn are getting worse, so this spring the ulcer did not bother me at all. Even earlier, again, spring autumn, against the background of an ulcer, I had stomatitis (sore sores in the mouth), this spring I did not have them. Stamina increased, before taking the balm I did push-ups 40 times, now I can 70, and I am 43 years old, at 25 I could not always push up so much from the floor. Took 3 bottles for prevention + diet and no alcohol (although I have not used it for 6 years already)


Maria Naumenko May 29, 2020 at 18:30
She took balm for her mother, she is 62 years old. She has psoriasis, noise in her head and dizzy. There were increased halesterol, urea. I took the balm a course of 3 bottles as during the treatment for 30 days and there was a noise in my head, and my head was not dizzy, in general everything was fine. Psoriasis has survived, the places of its appearance have become pale. For more than a year she had been waiting for an operation on the ligaments on her knee, took a balm and a month later she received a call and said in a week the operation. Has passed onalysis all perfectly. And cholesterol and machivina and everything else. They say you are apparently not harmful since everything is so good with you, but she says yes, if I hadn't taken the balm, then they would have looked at my analyzes. At first she was skeptical, with distrust. Suddenly they will ask what will happen to me, what did you accept, and I will tell them from the Internet, they will laugh at you that you believe all this in old age. And now she herself says well that she took it and so on time. She said that she will definitely pass at least a course.


Anton Maximov June 30, 2020 in 13: 09
After I stopped taking the balm, the last time was on May 4. I was afraid that the pains would return - but for almost 2 months already - and there were no pains that bothered me - in particular, the back, neck, right arm, pain in the lower abdomen and sides, toothache, as well as pain from liver hemangioma. I can't wait to start producing the balm - as there are still many other health problems. And it is just as painful to look at my mother - how she suffers from pain from osteochondrosis and joints - I ordered a balm for her and for myself


Zarema Kuchchaeva. May 27, 2020.
good night everybody. We haven’t taken any tests yet, but for now I want to say about the balms. My husband's papillomas began to dry out and fall, it would be nice to continue the treatment, drink very little for a month, when diabetes is experienced. The burn also immediately passed, I fried the canvas in oil, and my husband decided to try it and took a piece in his mouth without cooling, such a burn would not go away for a long time, but after the first use everything went away.


Anton Maximov. May 27, 2020.
Pains in the abdominal cavity, lower abdomen are gone, osteochondrosis did not bother practically, the toothache also disappeared. Cholesterol and glucose decreased. The general state of health has improved.

My son is 12 years old, yesterday he complained about a wound in his mouth, I know from myself how painful it is - you hurt a tooth with a brush and then heals for 5 days. In the evening, the balm sprinkled on the wound - 3 zips in the morning and everything went away!


Natalya Bashmakova June 7, 2020.
Comrades, who have not bought the balm yet, buy it !!! I am in isolation, thanks to the balm, the coronavirus flows without symptoms !! And my friend used the balm, the same result !!


Natalya Bashmakova July 9, 2020.
Works for the whole body, I will supplement my result on May 16, 2020, I had to do an operation, they took the bone tissue from me where the wisdom tooth was, and sewed it on, and the implantation was carried out by two implants at once, the operation lasted two hours. That moment in the refrigerator there was a balm for three applications, when I took off the result a month passed, I already put on a mouthpiece, everything stuck. there was no rejection of bone tissue, the balm works !! Buy it not expensive! It works if there is a disease, but it proceeds and you do not feel it, the balm will pull it out, and this is what happened with my teeth. All on time!


Dmitry Mikhalev. July 16, 2020.
The pain is gone. The abdominal pains do not bother, the headaches are also gone, the back does not bother. I used to work with a belt, now I have been working without a belt for a month. Previously, walking was half an hour no more, otherwise my back hurt. Now I can walk 5 times more distance and no pain. It helped me, I really hope that the balm will help my mother and all the elderly people.


Vitaly Boyko. August 26, 2020.
Just realized another effect of bazam. I accept it according to the treatment schedule. I accept it and at the same time my apartment is getting better and better. Before, I thought that I was overcome by laziness and did not have enough time for various things, but apparently I lacked something in my body. Even when I had 3-5 days off, I could do nothing at all. Only the most necessary. The rest of the time I was cruising like on autopilot or just lying around as if I was sick. Now I have done a big rearrangement of the house, all the time I am optimizing the order of things deeper and deeper, I started to make repairs, and I have not been able to undertake this since 2014. The balm has changed my apartment. I think the balm should be taken even just to increase the activity of life.


Alex you. September 6, 2020.
Constantly had a headache, in the back of the head on the left. It is so excruciating to fall asleep and wake up in pain for 3 years. After applying the balm, the pain disappeared almost immediately. I take the balm for 2 weeks. I noticed that it is more effective when on an empty stomach before meals. It is not by chance that this is indicated in the recommendations for the use of the balm. The mode of sleep and wakefulness has changed. I want to sleep at 9 pm, and there is no fatigue, you just fall asleep like a child. I wake up at 5-6 in the morning, do not lie in the bed as before, but immediately get up, it's a thrill to feel vigorous in the morning. no coffee needed.


Tatyana. September 7. 2020.
I started taking the balm on September 4 and already felt changes in the body today, it can of course still affect that I had a rest on the weekend, but this was not the case before. I noticed lightness in the body (I even felt the soft energy around myself - beyond words) the colors on the street became brighter and clearer. My right eye hurt yesterday, he could hardly see me, today after work I walked and felt that I saw better. Usually I saw everything vaguely. Regarding getting up in the morning, I also woke up at 6 am, before the alarm clock and did not want to sleep, usually I turn it off 3 more times. But I go to bed late, yesterday at midnight I went to bed. Look. what will happen next. If I inspire someone with a review, I will be glad.


Damir. September 11, 2020.
Hello everyone. Reviewed by my mother She is 57 years old. After 3 weeks of taking blzam, her appetite improved, she says this was not the case before, she flies like a bee at work, back and forth, in general she feels good, although she has not even drunk one bottle yet.


Alisha. September 11, 2020.
A friend has bladder cancer. Three times a day, colitis painkillers, 2 days as he takes the balm. During these two days, not a single injection was required. Let's watch further.


Natalia Kuzmina. September 14, 2020.
Cool balm! I am 70 years old and have a whole bunch of diseases. Lately my head was spinning, the pressure was jumping up and down, bouts of weakness, insomnia. After taking two bottles, dizziness passed, pressure 125/78, pulse 58-60, began to fall asleep quickly, sleep became deep. In the morning I wake up refreshed, I forgot about weakness, I don't get tired at work. The general tone has increased. I am planning a long life, so for the dividends received I can take a course of prevention of phytobalm rusich 2 times a year.


Alexey Taube. September 23, 2020.
My wife has already helped. Her lips were dry and deeply cracked. Anointed one drop two times and after 2 hours everything was delayed.


Nina Shcherbakova. September 28, 2020.
Today I was pleasantly surprised after taking two bottles of balm - a bottle is enough for me for 2 weeks, between them a week of rest. Control weighing in the gym: weight minus 4.300, volume - arm, leg, waist, hips, minutes 1.5 cm. Jay in the bar 3 minutes 10 seconds. I am 52 years old. Two months ago I could hardly stand for 1 minute. So the balm helps us !!! and I also have an 84-year-old mother who is almost lying down, I take care of if it were not for the balm, I would not be able to serve her with a weight of 100 kg and would not be able to be without sleep for several days. Thank you for having the opportunity to gain strength and energy with Rusich balm !! The balm works this is the main thing !!! I drink it to improve immunity. No della tests. But I get the result according to my health !!


Alisha. September 28, 2020.
Friends, my friend has been taking the balm for 4 weeks. We met yesterday. all age spots on her face disappeared. The skin became lighter, the face looked younger, the eyes shine! You know how difficult and how expensive writing is to be treated! and not always successfully. The balm did something that many clinics cannot do with their super equipment. I also noticed that I had a penny stain on my hand, about 10 years ago it appeared and slowly increased. Now there is practically nothing left, only a small dot. Now we can say that the balm gradually cleanses the entire body at the cellular level. Powerful antioxidant.


Alisha. September 29, 2020.
The son became ill, severe cough, sense of smell disappeared, the temperature was lowered 35, 5 was. Weakness. On covid refused to hand over. I drank our balm, every hour under the tongue one zilch, this is the first day. On the fourth day I went to work. at the end of the week, everything passed. Without complications and the state of health is excellent. 33 years.


Vitaly Boyko. October 4, 2020.
Used three bottles. At work, a colleague came up to me and he asks: have you pierced your ear? blood. I didn't notice. As far as I can remember, I had a small dense lump in my earlobe. Blood appeared in this place, and now after a couple of days I feel and that lump is gone. Annihilated. I wonder how, even what I did not notice and do not notice is treated.


Galina Mashkova. October 13, 2020.
I received a balm and started taking it 3 times a day for 4. I took it for two weeks. I got sick with coronavirus. It was very hard. Everything ached and burned. I lost my sense of smell for 5 days. The cough hardly cleared his throat. Now yesterday I had a CT scan and no pneumonia. Considering the large bouquet of associated diseases, I believe that only thanks to the balm I am healthy!


Nafisya Yaroslavtseva October 16, 2020.
I drink balm like a week, at first 3 drops, and then 5-6 drops. I want to note that endurance has appeared, but I am especially glad that hair loss in the morning has decreased. Day 1 - 68 hairs, day 2 - 48, day 3 - 38, and day 7 - 25 hairs. Yesterday I pierced my hand with scissors between the thumb and forefinger of my right hand when I tried to open the jar. The pain is unimaginable. The wound is deep, the blood stopped with a mixture of hydrogen. I couldn't move these fingers. There was a strong swelling. Then I smeared with Rusich balm. Then she moved away from severe pain. Our balm is a savior and an ambulance !!