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Become financially independent by earning additional income or creating your own business with our company: we invite you to become a partner and distributor of UFG.

Working with us is very easy and interesting. Many people now understand the full benefits of using natural products. Moreover, natural products have very useful features, and therefore are appreciated by everyone, without exception. Our balm "RUSICH" already has quite a lot of reviews about the positive results of its application.

Our reviews

Our advantages:

  • As a distributor of the company, you get the opportunity to earn a commission percentage on the sales of all the company's products
  • Our company is engaged in the production of only high-quality products that have high demand on the market.
  • The assortment of the company's product line is gradually expanding. So, in addition to health products, other area will soon be included, such as energy and IT development.
  • Cooperating with our company, you have the opportunity not only to use our products yourself at exclusive prices, but also to help your loved ones.

Due to direct sales of our company’s products all intermediaries are excluded: shops, pharmacies, advertising agencies, etc. Therefore, all of these intermediaries' income becomes your income and this  allows you to make good earnings with minimal effort.

In addition, you can significantly increase your income by building your own team of distributors. Approaching to interested people, training them to do business with UFG, so they become distributors just like you, will give you a passive income from all sales of your distributors and it will grow with the growth of your team.

As a result, you will get:

  • Stable and high source of income
  • Your own business, which allows you to reach a whole new level of your life
  • The ability to generate passive income by building your team of distributors
  • Implementation of all your plans, which were previously postponed "for later"
  • Working in a highly professional team that will help you build your business.